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Connects Us

  • powered by Drupal for client to manage independently
  • Ubercart e-commerce solution
  • subscription sales service
  • members-only area
Timberline Reforestation

  • Unique custom design
  • CMS powered by Drupal
  • Online application form
Karel Peeters Pottery

  • Unique custom design
  • CMS powered by Drupal
  • Shopping cart powered by Ubercart
  • Multi-portal catalogue
  • Image zoom to better appreciate fine craftsmanship & glazing

Our Services Include:

Web Site Design, Database Development, Content Management Systems, Custom Shopping Carts, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Strategy Development, Web Site Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Multi-Level User Systems, Drupal CMS solutions

Web Site Design

We create professional, stunning, functional web sites. We can help you bring to life your vision for your project. We can guide you through the creative process in a co-operative way. Whether or not you have graphics or a logo or even an idea in mind, together we can bring to life what will represent you, your tastes, your audience, or your project.


We develop E-commerce, member-driven, personal, manage-yourself websites. We can develop E-commerce sites in a variety of solutions, including Magento, ZenCart, Mals-e, Volusion or Paypal. You can administer your own site built in Drupal, WordPress or FrogCMS. We can develop member-login areas, community built sites, forums, blogs, galleries, E-mail lists via Constant Contact and any other customization your particular project requires.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We establish a formula that is specific to your website or product. By sticking to this formula it will bring you and your website to the top of the search results in Google, Yahoo!, Bing,, etc. SEO is the greatest and least expensive way to promote your work.


We provide hosting, domain-name registration and E-mail support. We can help to keep your site current, making edits, adding a new page, or building an addition. We can work with any site, whether we were involved in its creation or not.